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"Welcome to the Honeymoon" - 2007

"Welcome to the Honeymoon" is the first full-length album from a band called, "Harvard Road." Aligning their music under a new, self-proclaimed genre of "original rock," Harvard Road is making a statement with 12 tracks in the form of a concept album. In the late 60s and 70s, rock artists and groups were fond of creating artwork that conceptualized an entirely consistent theme, capturing emotions and ideals framed by what was modern in that era. While those times passed the world by decades ago, Harvard Road is confident in building pathways that will allow artists to lead music in a direction familiar it's predecessors.

For "Welcome to the Honeymoon," Harvard Road depicts a metaphoric vision of the world, and it's loss of innocence and freedom in one of the most simple forms: a love story. The opening track, "Pieces," is the prequel to the beginning of the journey. A girl has chosen a man who she feels is her soul mate, but before she can begin a life with him, she must pick up his pieces that she didn't break. "The Honeymoon" is the real beginning of a new life. Both parties have found love in one another, and the girl narrates a growing love without jealousy, contempt or bitterness. "Fearless" is the girl's definition of her prior heartbreak and loneliness, coupled with an attempt to step away from that insecurity and find comfort in the arms of her new knight.

"Ally's Song" begins to shine light on the girl's past; it's a past of little confidence and incredible insecurity. The struggles to fit in and be her own person are the moments from her life before love that make her wonder if she can ever be the woman she knows she will need to be. "Never" is a commentary on "all the other girls" who claim to be good but always have plenty of secrets. In truth, this commentary shows that maybe she was – or is – one of "those girls." "Take Me Home" shows the beginning quarrel between the girl and her man as she continues to attempt to find something stable and secure. She's obviously never experienced a thoughtful and meaningful foundational relationship in her life, and she's opening her mind to options that could lead her to that. "Your Choice" is a blatant fight between the lovers. He is a man who has overcome a crumbled past love and is now confident, ready and willing to face the challenges that life brings to the relationship table. It's obvious, though, that maybe he doesn't explain this to his woman. She is a woman who needs to know, without any sugar-coating, that this is real and his choice is her. "Only You" is her view of their possible breakup. She believes she hasn't found herself in him. She despises the struggle that they seem to go through on a daily basis to become one together. "Scraps" is her look back on all of the things that made her fall in love with him, including his permission for her to become her own person – he's always wanted her to be strong enough for herself.

"I Will Miss You" is another look back at the effort they've both put into this part of their lives. The girl seems to be accepting the fact that maybe they're not meant for each other, but she wishes they were. "I Can Be" is the girls final narrative of this part of her own journey in self-discovery. She has found strength in her own weaknesses, and has overcome the fear that she's nothing on her own. She understands that to be strong means to be the woman he's loved since the beginning, and to find contentment with the love that they've given each other. She vows to make him a simple man, as she only sees herself in his eyes.

While this love story may ring true with men and women in all different facets of life, it also tells of an innocence lost in America and the world. The idealism of founding fathers of nations that wanted to bring peace, harmony, love and prosperity to the children of the future now stands in the shadow of those children who are now grown. This story is about the process of bringing out the good and sacred standards that were set centuries prior and the blood, sweat and tears shed along the way. The concept of this album from Harvard Road is about finding a simple answer to a journey that may have been complicated by a quest for power and domination. Through the frustration of secrecy and deceit, the narration of this story reminds us to remember the values that were set when the nations of the earth were given life. Only we can make this simple again…if we don't miss it first.

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Harvard Road is based out of Victorville in the High Desert of Southern California.

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